Friday, February 10, 2012

Secret Girls - In Hiding

Really, really, digging this tape from Prairie Fire. Each of the four tracks on "In Hiding" is soft and fragile, yet open and massive. Faint whispers of beautiful drone are delicately painted against thick black brushstrokes of heavy cavernous bass. The entire recording shows restraint by never letting either layer outpace the other, maintaining the distance of each from the listener. Steadily drifting forward, and yet never seeming to arrive, these tracks are like the headlights of a car, approaching for miles on a country road. Far as I can interpret, these aren't sounds for the moment, these are sounds for the moment before.

I found this one, digging as I usually love to do, through the virtual bins at Discriminate, and copies are also available directly through Prairie Fire as well.

Try as I might, I can't find a clip to embed, but please, take an extra click here. I think this one is something truly special.

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