Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wolf Fluorescence / Wet Eyes - Split (Freebie!)

Heads up on a killer new split release from two favorites here at GMLT, Wolf Fluorescence and Wet Eyes, from Wet Eyes Productions. The front half, from the WF moniker of Ross Devlin, interweaves a massive volume of experimental and ambient elements in a single side long transportive master blast. From sounds that feel ripped from the NES classic Captain Comic, to warbled raw piano, to looping melancholic synth, to hooting owls. About fifteen tracks worth of A level composition combined into a single piece that works really well. On the flip, Ross Auger delivers the most robust and fully developed ambient guitar work I've heard from his Wet Eyes project to date. Four tracks of reverb drenched guitar melt. Patient, deeply relaxing stuff, highlighted by the standout seventeen minute exploration, Flying Kites At Night. An absolutely incredible track that sounds like watching a sunrise and sunset at the same time.

Hand numbered and produced edition of just 40, stream in full and grab directly from the Wet Eyes Productions Bandcamp. Ross from WEP has been cool enough to send me two copies of this tape to pass along as freebies! Hit me up at guidemelittletape at gmail dot com, and one of them is yours, no catch, first come first serve. Gone to Bill and Mike as of 3/21! Enjoy!

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