Sunday, March 17, 2013

Transmuteo - Transmuteo

This is it for me. I use the word "meditative" very frequently as an album descriptor. Typically in a figurative sense, to indicate that a record could be used to release ones self from the limitations of the ego. But this, the self titeld Transmuteo LP, from Transmuteo on Aguirre Records, is literally a meditation record. An insistent yet soothing female voice opens the record instructing the listener to repeat spoken affirmations, and again, closes the record by acknowledging that the participant may now be asleep, but has, unconsciously absorbed these reaffirming thoughts.

Between these bits of instruction, lie moments of completely blissed out new-agey wizardry. Tracks that, without borrowing too heavily from the inspiration of the album jacket, feel akin to floating, out of body across oceans of crystal blue tropical paradise. An other worldly trip, buoyed along on currents of crisp pulsating arpeggios and washes of ambient texture. Truly an exceptional work, regardless of one's appreciation for the more esoteric elements. One that can be enjoyed for the piece of mind expanding material I think it aspires to be, or simply as an essential piece of electronic music.

Edition of 200, black vinyl, I found this release so essential, that I commited the sin of "double purchasing" to get the digital copy required for hikes and stuff. Grab direct from Aguirre

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