Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Baijkonour Ghost - S/T

Whoa, this is a really heavy tape. Totally caught me off guard, particularly coming from the Cosmic Winnetou imprint of serene modular synth wizard G√ľnter Schlienz. This self-titled release from The Baijkonour Ghost, is a loud, monolithic, swirl of guitar drone. Sometimes haunting and mysterious, at other times dark and menacing, and still others uplifting and spaced out. The type of release I typically associate with the Mid Western titans of the drone tape scene. The four piece outfit makes use of every bit of the c64 length, creating progression within each track, and over the entire work. For me, the standout closer, The Prince Of Whales, combines all elements of the tape, in a blackened overwhelming tide of frantic riffage. Feels like the soundtrack to the eye of the storm.

Available in an edition of just 80 hand numbered copies direct from Cosmic Winnetou. I suggest you move quickly, the rest of the new batch is already sold out.

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