Saturday, January 12, 2013

Astro / Fear Konstrucktor - Hollow Earth

I feel like my ears are getting lazy. A side effect derived from a lack of exposure to caustic ear drum boiling noise. This split on Black Horizons, Hollow Earth, shared by Astro and Fear Konstrucktor is a nightmarish trip into a galaxy of fierce machinery and reverberating extraterrestrial torture. Equal parts noise, and pulsating atmospherics. Like feeding a Korg N5 into a garbage disposal and shooting it into space. A release in this vein suffers from a certain amount of indescribability, and really does need to be heard, and yes, felt to be appreciated. And both halves of this one deserve that from those interested in heavy sound. If our alien masters really do bleed acid, I'll bet it sounds like this.

Available from Discriminate in an edition of 100. Incredible booklet style pro printed artwork. I really can't say enough about the presentation of these tapes from Black Horizons.

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