Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hobo Cubes - Slow Summer Soul

Glossy droning ambience from the prolific Hobo Cubes, with Slow Summer Soul on Old Frontiers. An elegant meltdown and reformation of multiple synth elements into a unifying miasma of contemplative introspection. Elegantly transportive stuff here, where the mind is encouraged to wander among time altered zones. Compositional elements appear, and develop as part of the whole slowly, with delicate finesse. Always, there is an obscure, muffled noise element mixed against a bright melodic counterbalance. And always things stay musical, warm, and enjoyable. This one is a heavy dose relaxer, put it on, and let everything else go.

Presentation here is extremely sharp. Two jcards nested together, one on transparent imprinted stock, the other on reflective gold stock, create a stunning three dimensional look. Edition of just fifty, grab directly from Old Frontiers.

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