Thursday, October 4, 2012

C-Schulz & Hajsch - C-Schulz & Hajsch

So I might be a bit close minded, but when the reverse of an album jacket credits one of the artists with playing the “window shades”, I’m skeptical. But in the case of this self titled 2000 release on Sonig from legendary duo C-Schulz and Hajsch, those concerns were ill imagined. This is pure compositional excellence. A pleasant and challenging arrangement of various musical and non musical elements that pique curiosity and encourage discovery. A continuous juxtaposition of ear canal manipulation set against organic instrumentation and field sounds. Moments that warp, twist and drill into the ear, change your spatial interpretation, and then give way to large, transparent walls of almost invisible sound. Sounds that scrape and rumble, become recognizable, and then transition again, never content to remain still. A dynamic and refreshing work of art.

Simplistic, effective presentation, single jacket, poly lined sleeve. Despite the 2000 release date, copies of this seem to be showing up all over in distros. I suggest you grab from Discriminate.

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