Friday, September 28, 2012

Clime - Rift-Valley Landing

A couple (see below) of interrelated projects that are getting extremely limited in availability.

First up is the second release in the introductory batch from the new Sunk Series imprint. Label curator Jimmy Billingham of Tidal/Venn Rain combines skill with Jake Webster of the Tuluum Shimmering project on an expansive double cassette release, Rift-Valley Landing, under the moniker Clime. For those familiar with either of the above mentioned projects, this release should be entirely satisfactory. Organic, mid tempo compositions that feel absolutely alive. It’s almost impossible to tell by listening if these are pieces of genuine instrumentation, a product of electronic manipulation, or some hybrid of both. Slowly evolving side length movements that shift and shine. The sort of desert hallucinogenics one might experience during the final hour of a sweat lodge purification ceremony.

Limited to fifty copies, and down to a scant few. Grab along with the Tidal/Venn rain split over at Sunk Series. And proceed below for yet more Tuluum Shimmering.

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