Monday, September 3, 2012

Giant Claw - Mutant Glamour

Heads up on a couple (see below) of killer new summer releases from Orange Milk Records.

The first, represented here, is Mutant Glamour, from the Keith Rankin solo moniker, Giant Claw. An entire, full length LP of manic, massive, unexpectedly varied synth. Frantic passages of contradictory influence, from traditionally nostalgic sounds cannon to the Giant Claw project, to saxophone passages, and even down tempo tracks like the exceptional Glitter Logic. It truly feels like the glamorization and romanticism of an entire cultural movement. Of digital excess, sensory overload, and societal decline. A simultaneous celebration and satire of the 8bit generation. I suppose it could be that, or then again, just an incredibly well executed album of electronic music. Taken either way, the entire ten track LP holds up as one of the most mind expanding examples of Rankins work yet. When the machines rise up, this will be their soundtrack.

Black vinyl, full sized liner notes, pretty much aesthetically perfect. Available over at Orange Milk.

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