Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alexandre Navarro - Sketches

Delicate guitar and glitch, from Alexandre Nevarro with Sketches on Constellation Tatsu. Compositions that build and evolve with subtle melodic nuance. Artfully crafted, almost tender moments, with an open transparent sensibility. Brief passages of intentional flaws, moments of silence, and then striking , heartbreaking bits of stringed instruments. Truly a wonderful host of juxtapositions that while challenging, remain firmly rooted in the enjoyable. If a release even partially classifiable in the glitch genre can feel organic and natural, it certainly does here. Sounds are fully integrated into a cohesive whole that even while introducing disparate mechanics are always fully in agreement. The fragmented human consciousness reworked until fully aware, or something awesome like that.

Beautiful presentation, pro dubbed, pro printed. Grab from the wonderful new Constellation Tatsu.

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