Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wet Eyes - Air is Movement

A cool breeze of dream state guitar composition from Wet Eyes, with Air is Movement. The solo project of Ross Auger returns, this time on his own imprint, with the same incredibly rich guitar tones, but with a bit more vocal and fuller percussion in tow. These nine tracks find Ross exploring looping, echoing sounds, which evolve into, and then out of pop influenced structures. Brief moments of what sound like soul, complimented by the vocal of Ceceila Erholtz, give way to ambient clouds of indiscernible tempo, before returning, to a warm buzzing signature guitar tone. As with his prior release on Jozik, it’s a pleasing, almost surreal experience.

Hand painted edition of 25 on CD-R. Grab directly via the Wet Eyes Productions Bandcamp .

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