Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Günter Schlienz - Tape Studies

So things have reached the point with Sic Sic Tapes that batches just don’t last. In fact, Tape Studies, the wonderful new edition from Gunter Schlienz, is, I believe, already sold out. Four solo electronic compositions performed largely (maybe completely?) on equipment created by Schlienz himself. Despite what I’m sure are hours, weeks, months, and even years, spent perfecting his equipment, and craft, these tracks seem absolutely effortless. Deceptively simple sequenced loops of ambient shimmer. Song construction that seems more a ghostly lullaby, than the typical synthesizer space trip. Each track begins with a basic melody, and patiently layers loops until completion. Not just creating sounds, but creating the creator of sounds. I can’t even comprehend the level this stuff is on.

Each hand numbered insert in the batch of 80 comes backed with layers of actual tape. I have no idea how long that must have taken, but the effect is completely sick. Sold out at Sic Sic and Discriminate, scour the web for copies and watch for updates to the Sic Sic Bandcamp.

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