Saturday, August 25, 2012

Atlantis - The Institute Of Technology

Fruitful new research from the folks at Chemical Tapes, with The Institute of Technology, from Atlantis. Channeling mid nineties space obsessed ultra clean ambient, nine tracks blip and bleep their way from simple repetitive loops into full, complex, melodic compositions. Things here sound cosmic, and yet somehow simultaneously sub-aquatic. Mid tempo arpeggiated miniatures pace expansive synth notes drenched in heavy sustain that unfurl around the ear of the listener with monumental patience. Bits of mid tempo rhythm delivered via a mix of reverberating glitch. Wonderful variety, highly accessible, beautiful tracks. Sounds like a galaxy of space stations singing together.

High end production, minimalist design on this edition of 75. Digital download included. Begin reasearch immediately at Chemical Tapes.

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