Sunday, February 19, 2012

Red Dwarf Star - Untitled Cassette

So a few months back I started trading tapes with a dude named Tanner from Washington. Along with a copy of Steve Peters' Filtered Light, he sent back a mysterious unlabeled cassette full of meditative sound collage. Bits of warm miasma, field recordings, elements of mechanical processes and subtle moonscape. A range of styles from the raw sound of public places, to passages of deep evolving light and dark. Within the tracks that I now know were unfinished at the time, existed the elements that have now been made available as "Untitled Cassette" from Red Dwarf Star. I was intrigued by these tracks when I first heard them, and now in their finished form they are something truly special.

Untitled Cassette is a hand assembled run of just 10 copies. Each one comes with a unique color cover, and a handwritten title on the spine. Support by visiting Bandcamp, where you can stream excerpts, and purchase a physical copy.

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