Saturday, January 21, 2012

Venn Rain - Diamond Dust

Hot on the heels of his self released 20 Loops, Jimmy Billingham, the artist behind Venn Rain and Tidal drops another killer work, this time on Fadeaway Tapes. Super lush blurred out layers of melody one on top of the other, with occasional bits of rhythm build seamlessly into a something that simultaneously sounds extraterrestrial and nostalgic. Absolutely one of my favorite artists going right now, hitting all the right notes between melody, timbre, and engaging progression. If martians land in a jungle 1,000 years from now and use some type of futuristic dowsing rod to dig this tape up from under a layer of muck, they might just let us live ...assuming they have a tape deck.

The entire new batch from Fadeaway is pretty incredible, and includes tapes from Sparkling Wide Pressure, Cenote Glow, and Aphid Palisades. Venn Rain is already sold out at some distros, but the whole batch can still be ordered like I did, direct from Fadeaway Tapes.

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