Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pine Smoke Lodge - Season Above Lakes

I hate to post about a tape not available somewhere, but this one is just too good. Seasons Above Lakes from Pine Smoke Lodge is 2 untitled tracks of meditative free drone on cae-sur-a. Images of deep, untouched groves of Mountain Laurel, cave paintings, mountaintops, forgotten rituals, and a hazy vision of an elder shaman as you close your eyes to reality, and finally open them to your soul. Side B is an absolute mind warp, circling, rising, and falling, with melodic, entrancing and unrecognizable vocals and musicality. Truly one of the best moments of tape I've heard.

I dropped this tape into my walkman and took off to climb the nearest mountain. Took 4 listens to reach the top. One more, and I would have found my spirit animal and never returned.

Bobby from Geographic North was generous enough to trade this tape to me. He also does some excellent writing for Foxy Digitalis which you should absolutely check out. Check the distro links on right to scan for anything Pine Smoke Lodge related if you have even a passing interest in the experimental drone scene.

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