Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rags - Belief in an Order of Meaning

Shades of grey and black, light and dark from Rags, with Belief In An Order Of Meaning, on ((cave)). Grinding etherial scrape. Suffocating riffage juxtaposed against massive wailing guitar. Noise elements that coil around the soundscape, forcing you to recontextualize everything. Two side long tracks, the front a more traditional and expertly developed take on tape scene guitar (backed by a field recording of train tracks, yeah thats perfect curation), the later, an overwhelming torrent forming something that feels like Indian's Unquiet Sky and old Expo 70 stuff. I won't spoil the surprise waiting for you on the flip, but it will absolutely bury your mind. I physically got out of my chair to rewind and hear the impact again. This is music for spiritual cleansing. Go make yourself clean.

Edition of 50, full color double sided inserts, B&W labels on clear shells. As of right now this is still available, and it' really shouldn't be. Grab direct from ((Cave)).

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