Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Matthew Akers - Bayern

This jams so hard. Slinky retro futurist VHS hallucinations from Matthew Akers with Bayern on Musica Originale. Somewhere between the soundtrack to Halloween and Streets of Rage 2, you've got 30 minutes of mid tempo synth jams just ripping with thick malicious timbre. Fat rumbling baselines that sound straight out of the cabinet of a 32 bit Neo Geo arcade machine. The whole thing is beautifully paced, balancing ambient passages with up tempo pieces, making each single side long track feel satisfyingly structured and diverse. There are a ton more Akers releases on Bandcamp of which I will now listen/purchase/obsess.

Edition of 100 on blue shells, with a double sided single panel jcard. Stream in full and purchase the physical at the artist Bandcamp.

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