Monday, October 27, 2014

Uton / I Am Just a Pupil / My Bizarre Bayuk - Split

Massive double CD three way split slab of drone from Uton, I Am Just Pupil, and My Bizarre Bayuk on S.I.N.K. CDs. There's a ton of material here, mostly working in the vein of hazy distorted vagaries. I won't attempt to capture everything on offer in my usual 4 sentences, instead just dig on these samples, it's an easy 90 minutes of absolute through the floor tripping.

Edition of just 32 in a DVD style case. Black and white collage art. I grabbed from Tomentosa a while back. This one ain't exactly knew, and it's long gone, but can still stream in full and purchase the digital from the S.I.N.K Bandcamp.

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