Saturday, September 13, 2014

Topdown Dialectic - S/T

Rad post everything beats from Topdown Dialectic with a self(un?)titled release on Aught. Plenty of things being written about this one (here and here for example), and all of it deserved. Four tracks of something that sounds like noise, industrial, glitch, and musique concrete all suffering maltreatment from over compression. Thick suffocating thump that's almost out of synch, but just perfectly so. It all crackles, hisses, and just about feels like it's going to fall apart, all while weaving in synth samples and sounds like they're playing in reverse. So dope.

Edition of 100, clear shells, really minimal white imprint, clear poly bag with no art or notes. Crazy minimal. Grab while you can from the Aught Bandcamp.

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