Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sindre Bjerga - Radiant Flux

Two live cuts of sinister, chaotic sound collage from Sindre Bjerga, with Radiant Flux on Lighten Up Sounds. Scraping, seething movements that drill, not with volume and harshness, but with patience and cyclical patterns, into the back of your skull. Ugly, filthy bass notes and assorted sonic detritus that swirl and twist, reveling in their displeasure. I can't help but picture a dimly lit figure slouched over an incomprehensible pile of mixers and machinery spewing out sounds horrific to the unenlightened. Over the course of both side length tracks, a palpable tension builds without release, trapping your ears within the mix, disengaging you from the listening process, and engaging you in the experience. A challenging and rewarding synergy of noise and texture.

Hand numbered edition of just 44 on yellow shells with vellum liner notes. Sewn into a printed soft plastic sleeve which must be cut open. Grab directly from Lighten Up Sounds.

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