Monday, December 10, 2012

Ypotryll - Dust

A shifting, overwhelming mass of strings from Ypotryll, with Dust, on Koppklys. Sombre, but not bleak, an obscure mix of electronic manipulation and live instrumentation. Patient, richly textured notes, that rise and overwhelm. Running in cycles, creating a hypnotic trance like experience, rich multifaceted tones and textures evolve slowly from within each movement. And I say movement intentionally, because that's what I perceive in this recording. A sense that each pluck of the sitar and harp exhibit a dramatic movement in location and characteristics. The finish of the later half A Blue Mantle Under The Stars offers the strongest moment, and culminates in a wonderfully eerie soup of electronics and sitar. Sounds like standing in the ocean, letting the tide pull the sand from underneath your feet.

Soft poly case, printed liner notes, hand numbered edition of just 52. Grab direct along with the rest of a new, and monumentally patient batch from the exceptional Koppklys.

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