Monday, December 3, 2012

Sparkling Wide Pressure - Covered In Blue Colors

Those devotees of Frank Baugh's Sparkling Wide Pressure, project (of which I am one, hence the blog name) should be comfortable, and well pleased with his latest release Covered In Blue Colors, from Watery Starve. Crisp and wonderfully intense guitar collage, played gently over a bed of smeared vocal melody and transportive ambience, all imbued with the same raw unfiltered hues of rural america I have always derived from his work. As I listen, the only way I can attempt describe the sound is, in some way, as damaged. In the sense that sometimes broken, rusted, imperfections can be more emotionally powerful than the purest note. And even further, perfect notes juxtaposed against imperfection an even deeper connective experience. Each Sparkling Wide Pressure release delivers that sense to me. A celebration of the perfectness of imperfection, and a deep connection to the moments represented. Essential tape.

Handcrafted edition of seventy five. Each jcard a unique and original work of printed watercolor and collage from Lynn Fister. Grab direct from Watery Starve.

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