Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shivering Window - Inner-Exo

Sweet and nasty c-14 from Shivering Window, with Inner-Exo, on Juniper Tree Songs. Heavy convulsive walls of static and noise juxtapositioned against pop structured basement lo fi. Something here seems a bit fiendish, almost sinister. As if the composer has a deeper meaning, a sort of ulterior motive that I just can't catch. At it's best moments, tracks are turbulent and almost difficult to decipher, holding the listener at arms length building suspense and desire. The exceptional opening track I Wanna Never Ever has everything a good bit of outsider pop ought to, hope, loneliness, brevity, and downright noisy as hell.

Black shells pro printed tapes, solid presentation all around. And don't think I didn't notice the JTS logo in that sweet old TSR font. Grab directly from Juniper Tree Songs.


  1. This tape is so wonderful. Did ever get your hands on the BYODeath tape from his previous band?

  2. Agreed, really rad tape. Didn't really know much about the prior history, but thanks for the lead! Looks like it released on Bridgetown... I'll see if I can grab one from Kevin. Thanks David!