Monday, June 18, 2012

Bosques - Eomaia Nam

Shimmering sun drenched folk rock from Argentinean band, Bosques with Eomaia Nam on Reverb Worship. A musical horizon that stretches out forever before your ears. Tracks swirl and fade, in a wash of ambient droning song construction, native vibes, and fuzzed out stoner rock instrumentation. Somehow creating a genre hybrid I wasn’t aware I desired, but immediately knew I loved. Sounds like the spiritual cousin of Dead Meadow produced by a wandering gypsy. I understood not a lick of the vocals, and yet somehow, I think, enjoyed the uncertainty of not knowing. Being able to interpret the sounds without lyrical context grants the listener a certain freedom. Lay your head back, breathe deep, and let your cares go to the sound of pure enlightenment.

A fairly massive stock of Reverb Worship CD-R titles are up for grabs over at Mimaroglu. I know, all those 1’s and 0’s are out of fashion, but the music is so stinking good I suggest you get over it.

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