Friday, May 25, 2012

Komodo Haunts - Low Winged, Silken Plumes

Echos and rhythms of a distant ritual dancing across the jungle canopy. Komodo Haunts envelops the listener into a warm haze of moonlit foliage and with Low Winged, Silken Plumes on Sango Plasmo. There is a beautiful obscurity, in which sounds never quite seem to arrive, existing just beyond your reach. I get the sense that Carribean pop songs once exsisted somewhere within the fragments of these soundscapes, if only I could find them. And that is, to me, the magic of Komodo Huants, it's an unrecognized familiarity. A sort of improvised noise tropicalia that sounds like a collision between Mpala Garoo and Calypso Borealis. The entire release spans both sides with a single cohesive vision. Sounds and textures too numerous to count. Beautiful and transportive, and with just 60 copies, likely very short lived.

Part of an incredible new four tape batch from Sango Plasmo. Each edition hand numbered, and the entire package accompanied by a personally typed post card. Shipped with great care, my entire preorder arrived from Poland completely unscathed.

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