Sunday, April 1, 2012

Junior Pande - Tape One

Killer mash up of genres and scenes from Junior Pande, with Tape One, on Spring Break Tapes. There's about 20 tapes worth of loops, fuzz, and experimentation here, all smashed into a single crazy headspin that sounds like an improv performance recorded live to mic in your living room. Enough melodic ambience to keep you hypnotized, and enough variety to keep you awake. Some tracks have clear boundaries, other seem to overlap and intersect with reckless abandon. It's that unpredictable spontaneous element that makes Tape One such fun. It keeps you sharp, not sure if the next track will be straight up sequencer loops, or a drone / desert rock mash up that sounds like Earth gone tape crazy.

Junior Pande is the first release from Spring Break Tapes, with a second now available from Don Cash. It's time your cassette deck had a little fun.

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