Friday, December 30, 2011

Venn Rain - 20 Loops

20 Loops from Venn Rain is exactly what it says, twenty loops on a single cassette. Each loop seems capable of being fleshed out into a complete track, showcasing deep and moving melodies that drift into, and out of, fields of haze and distortion. However, the structure of the entire cassette gives us only snapshots and ends each track abruptly. Each loop has an almost robotic charm. It's hard to verbalize, but perhaps best described as a forgotten automoton playing a rusty piano thinking about more pleasant times, or something like that. Based on their similarity with other Venn Rain and Tidal tapes, I'm guessing these loops may be bits and pieces not fully incorporated into the other works from creator Jimmy Billingham.

I've always very much enjoyed both of those projects, and did not hesitate to pick this up by following the directions here. Word to the wise, don't wait long, there are only 20 copies, and each has a unique package.

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